My Little Pony

Ages: 3-6

Enjoy quality time with one of our sweet ponies. For 45 minutes, participants are riding and grooming while two parents or side walkers (must be age 13 or older) are by their side. Children ride in the arena with assistance from one side walker, while the other leads the pony. If the group is able, one lesson is a trail ride. Class limited to six participants.

Level 1 Western: Saddle Up

Ages: 7+

Level One introduces the student to an enjoyable riding experience. Riders learn basic skills including: leading, mounting, walking, stopping, steering, maintaining proper spacing, and dismounting. These basic skills are the foundation on which all upper level lessons will build.

Level 2 Western: Bits & Reins

Ages: 7+

Level Two provides participants an opportunity to improve horsemanship skills with continued practice in Western-style riding. Riders will master basic control, learn the extended walk, and may be introduced to trotting with assistance.

Level 3 Western: Giddy Up & Go!

Ages: 7+

Level Three builds on the concept of independent body movement. Riders learn basic control at the trot, including proper position. Increased physical skill and concentration are necessary for this level.

Hit the Trails - Trail Rides

Ages: 10+

All lessons will be instructed on trail rides in the scenic woods of Lockwood Park. Topics covered include trail ride safety, etiquette and dos and don'ts of riding. If you are ready to take your skills to the next level, this is the class for you.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Western, English, and Natural Horsemanship!

For those who prefer one-on-one instruction, semi-private (one instructor, two students) or private (one instructor, one student) lessons are offered. These can follow the basic format of group lessons, or be geared to a particular skill the rider wants to learn or improve. Instruction in advanced skills such as loping and cantering is only offered through semi-private/ private lessons. Grooming and tacking/untacking the horse may also be included in the lessons, if requested.

Scheduling is dependent on availability of instructors, arena, and horses.

Prerequisite: successful completion of Level 1 Western–Saddle Up or attended Saddle Up Camp at Lockwood Park

Call 815.987.8809 for schedule availability and prices.

Weather Cancellations