Support Lockwood Park

Lockwood Park is a very special place that has provided families from all different communities with all different backgrounds the chance to spend quality time together thanks to the variety of free or low-fee experiences offered. This park holds special memories for many. It's the place where area youth learn about the importance of agriculture and where their food comes from. It's the place where many have overcome insecurities by learning to ride a horse. It's where you can get close enough to touch and feed a farm animal for the first time. Even more, Lockwood Park builds leaders, helps others overcome addiction, and promotes healthy, positive interactions between people and animals.

Operating an urban farm with animals can be very expensive. Our animals get the very best care and we have many volunteers and donors who help to offset this cost. We can always use more help. To get an idea of the types of ongoing expenses we incur, click on this link.

Donations to Lockwood Park are critical to ensuring the ongoing success of this urban, working farm. From animal care to educational camps and programs to help develop our next generation of leaders, we value every dollar. This is more than just a park!


Halters Volunteer Program

Ages: 12+

Availability: May - August

This 5-Level Leadership development program is a great opportunity to learn about working on a farm and what it takes to care for our animals. This is a program that will stay with you for a lifetime, due to all the skills and teaching you will receive from our trained staff. Over the 5 levels volunteers feed our animals, help keep our park grounds clean, assist with programming, and much more. The program levels are based on age and progression through the program. As one progresses, they get a detailed look at horse and pony care. The Halters Program is a great way to get community service hours for your school.


Friends of Lockwood

The Friends of Lockwood group was established in 2003. They are a group of local citizens who volunteer a lot of time to help Lockwood Park come to life! The Friends of Lockwood also volunteer their time driving tractors, hay baling, and making our special events very unique and fun! The Friends of Lockwood meet monthly and are always looking for more volunteers. For more information click the link below to connect on Facebook or call 815.987.8809.