Ronald F. Bodda Play Area


Dedicated to Ronald F. Bodda, who was a man of character and integrity. He was a man who possessed a “heart of gold” and shared that blessing with those around him.

Ron spent most of his business career in a suit and tie, but felt most comfortable in jeans and a flannel shirt. His love of the outdoors brought him to Lockwood Park as a valued volunteer. Ron spent countless hours over many years, driving the tractor to pull the hay wagons for park visitors.

Ron was a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who always had the right words at the right moment. He was a role model for his entire family. May all who come here enjoy, just as Ron did every time he drove the tractor for the visitors of Lockwood Park.

About the Tractor


This Tractor is a 9N Ford N-Series tractor with an 8N motor. The 9N was first built in October 1939 and over the next three years, 99,002 were built. Weighing 2,340 pounds, the 9N had 13 drawbar horsepower, which could pull a two-bottom plow. This tractor sold for $585, nearly half the price of other tractors, and was designed to be safe, quiet and easy to operate. The N series tractor was often the only tractor needed on the farm! The 9N was the first production-model tractor to incorporate Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch system, a design still used on most modern tractors today. There were many implements that could be used for tillage, planting, mowing and raking hay. These really were versatile machines! Henry Ford’s first 9Ns were painted a light “battleship gray” until 1948, when Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, updated the paint on the 8N. The new paint job included what is now referred to as a “red belly” and a lighter gray hood, fenders and wheels.

Thank You!

To the Ed Kittel family for the generous donation of the tractor, the Friends of Lockwood Park and the Ron Bodda family for making this project possible.