H.A.L.T.E.R.S. Program

Ages: 13-17

Availability: May - August

H.A.L.T.E.R.S. (Helping At Lockwood Through Education, Responsibility, Safety) If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity where you can gain some skills in the work world and make new friends at the same time, Lockwood Park wants you! You can work with the animals, help with various farm and ranch chores, and gain other valuable work skills while having an enjoyable time at Lockwood Park. This is a program that will last a lifetime with the knowledge and skills you will receive from our trained staff. Leadership training and team-building are all a part of this tremendous summer program! Adults are also welcome to join the H.A.L.T.E.R.S. training program. All volunteers must participate in the certification program. Certain programs are offered to our older volunteers to enhance their educational experience, but may not be appropriate for our younger volunteers.


Friends of Lockwood

The Friends of Lockwood group was established in 2003. They are a group of local citizens who volunteer a lot of time to help Lockwood Park come to life!

The Friends of Lockwood also volunteer their time driving tractors, hay baling, and making our special events very unique and fun!

The Friends of Lockwood meet monthly and are always looking for more volunteers. For more information click the link below or call 815.987.8809.